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How Do Code for Baltimore Projects Work?

Project selection is typically a “bottom-up” process: volunteers identify and initiate projects that match their interests and skills – in line with addressing local issues or ideas for social good. Volunteers are frequently looking for project ideas from local government. Core team keeps a pulse on topics of interest to the city partners. Project success depends on the skills, commitment and organization of volunteer team. Core team may champion a few promising project ideas, based on government partnership or other city interests.

City Partnerships

City Partners interested in partnering with Code for Baltimore (CfB) can participate in the following ways: Come to a community night to pitch the idea to other volunteers. Ideas are always welcome — no advance notice needed. Discuss the idea with the Delivery Lead or Brigade Captains, who will share idea with the volunteer network to see if it’s a good match and if there are skills to complete the project. You’re always welcome to email us. Consult on important issues of interest to the City of Baltimore.

Making Project Partnerships Work:

For projects on which the two organizations are officially partnering, we will make sure to set expectations about the roles and responsibilities on both sides. Before the project begins, the following items should be clear: